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Diligent Disability Care is Going Places!

Hi Everyone, If you remember Diligent Disability Care that I've written about in a previous blog, it is amazing to see how much progress they have made since they commenced their business just 7 months ago.  Diligent Care began in October 2020 with a 5-bed group home accommodation facility in West Pennant Hills in the beautiful and green Hills Shire.  Since then, they have systematically developed a range of programs for their participants. Earlier in the year, they created  Eager Explorers,   a timetable in which they took participants to outdoor day programs every Saturday. They have a variety of programs that they tweak to fit the individual needs and interests of their participants. Check out their website to find out more about their programs and services.  The disability sector in Australia is growing at a fast pace and provides opportunities for new service providers such as Diligent Care to enter the scene and grow fast.  Let Facilitrade with

The Controversial NDIS Independent Assessments and More

Hi Everyone, So much is happening with NDIS and the most controversial is: The  Independent Assessments By now you'd be familiar with the concerns raised about NDIS's proposed Independent Assessment process. In a nutshell, whilst there are some key benefits such as the cost being borne by NDIA and not by participants, many of whom couldn't afford the specialist consultations, t he  concerns seem to outweigh the benefits.  The disability sector 's c oncerns are about the way assessments will be carried out and  how the assessments will be used to determine participant plans and funding. The former CEO of NDIS, David Bowen believes that the government's change is  "a way of controlling the amount of funds that go into each plan, through determining that plan value through an assessment tool, rather than through a personalised plan." The submissions of several disability industry peak bodies and representative groups over the past few months have slowed down