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Don't Be Left out of NDIS!

  Don't Be Left out of NDIS! What's news at Facilitrade? It's been a busy but fulfilling April for us. We've seen a few providers, new and existing, through their NDIS registration process and certification audits.  The highlight was preparing a key client to face three different compliance audits within a week, for their core module and two complex modules. We are proud to claim that after we ran them through a comprehensive internal audit and several briefings, they ended up with a 100% audit success - no dreaded "non-compliance" issues! Under our business advisory services, we helped Cosmic Health Care to set up in business and are in the process of assisting them with their NDIS registration.  Attending the Source Kids Disability Expo was another highlight. It was a real eye opener to meet the exhibitors and understand the extensive range of products and services they had to offer for this category of people. I highly recommend these expos for all provide

What's Hot in the Disability Sector

Hi Everyone, The latest upheaval in the disability sector is the government's announcement of the NDIS moving to independent assessments of participants to qualify them for NDIS funding.  These independent assessments by private contractors will remove the burden of costs involved in getting applicants' treating doctors and other medical experts to do the assessments for initial eligibility and for periodic reviews. However the involvement of the 8 independent contractors selected by government tender is being questioned. A key concern is about their conflict of interest because in most cases these assessment organisations are part of a group of companies where their subsidiaries offer NDIS support services.  While this turmoil is rocking the  disability sector, opportunities continue to grow for disability support services providers with many new organisations entering the scene. So several times in the past few months, I've responded to questions on: - "Why should