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Sharing a Testimonial

Hi Everyone,   Here’s a progress update on how we are helping disability service providers.  In this instance we assisted a  new entrant to set up their operation. If you recall my blogs in February 2021, my focus now-a-days is to give my clients the best possible experience with a holistic approach to their needs. Well, I was able to do just this with Diligent Disability Care and was gratified by their response which I’d like to share with you.    “Diligent Care is a new disability care provider, and we utilised the services of Janaki Ramachandran of Facilitrade to develop all policy documents to support our application for NDIS registration. Facilitrade also assisted us with the Self-Assessment, completed and submitted our application to NDIS and also helped us in selecting and appointing a suitable auditor.   Thanks to the excellent and efficient work done by Janaki we were able to get through the audit in record time and were successful in our application.   We would like to recomm